9 In 3 PC Throwing Knife Set

Product Features

  • Length: 9 inches total
  • 3.25 inch handle length
  • 5.5 inch total blade length
  • Green living dead night skull drawing on entire knife
  • Comes with knife protector case

Product Description

The Z-Slayer throwing knife series features one of the sickest sets you've ever seen. Each knife comes complete with a special Zombified killer picture. The knives are heavy duty, but not too heavy: 8 ounces. The entire set weighs 24 ounces, so it is light weight to travel with. Travel is easy with Z-Slayer's throwing knife kit, there is a protective sheath included that features a belt loop so you can attach these knives to your belt killing the living dead at night. Each knife is 9 inches in length.

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